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      來源:http://www.woool990.com 發布人:shunxing 日期:2022-08-05
      A skilled headhunter will come into contact with a large number of candidates in his daily work. Some of them perform quite well, making people feel happy when contacting and communicating. Of course, most of them behave well and can cooperate with headhunters in a more harmonious way. However, there are always several candidates who will keep headhunters away. To sum up, Jinan headhunting company has the following types:
      The headhunter is extremely arrogant. He feels tired when communicating with such candidates. No matter what his real background is, he just ignores the headhunter (but he doesn't refuse you directly). Ask him a few questions or answer them in one or two words, or say they are all in his resume; When looking for him, I often can't get through the phone. Wechat doesn't like to return. Contact him with the spirit of running a marathon;
      The characteristics of this kind of people are: the resume is simple, the responsibility is one sentence, and the performance is rarely filled in. Sometimes the company name is written as * * company. If you ask him more information (not too private information), he will immediately become alert and basically will not provide anything. When he meets this kind of person, the headhunter can not even make a complete recommendation report;
      The big characteristic of this kind of candidate is that he can't do what he promised. For example, he said well when arranging an interview. As a result, he came in front of him and sent you a wechat message. He can't go today because he has something to do. If it's better, give a simple explanation. It's almost impossible to explain. Some people don't even tell you if they don't go!
      Most of these people will be exposed after the interview fails. Generally speaking, they mainly show that they can't accept the fact of being eliminated. They think that the feedback they give is wrong and they can't accept it. Then they will go to the headhunter again and again to tell him the real reason. There is a posture of never giving up until the goal is achieved, which makes the headhunter speechless and helpless!
      As a headhunter, you should deal with the above-mentioned candidates carefully. In addition, for candidates with unclear attitudes, do not put too much energy on them. For the time being, they are not needed. Instead, they should be stored in the talent pool. This kind of personnel can't solve the talent hunger and thirst in front of them. Why should headhunters delay too much time. For more information, please visit our website http://www.woool990.com Consult.